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The Cottonwood Waterfall Collection
Enjoy the relaxing sounds of a waterfall in your home or office.

Shown with Rustic Copper w/ Round Cornered with Brown Rainforest Marble

Shown with Rustic Copper w/ Square Cornered with Indian Multi-Color Slate

Shown with Stainless Steel w/ Round Cornered with Indian Green Slate

Stone Options

Clear Mirror Rajah Multi-Color
Green Slate
Black Slate
Rainforest Brown Marble Stone Rainforest Green Marble Stone

Cottonwood Falls

Full-size double stone water wall falls manufactured from the highest quality water features available. Our water features will bring the beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office. Because of their bold presence and elegant lighting the Cottonwood water wall will be the focal point in any setting.

The copper is finished with a decorative brazen design then sealed with an automotive-quality clear coat. Each piece of Multi-Color Rajah Slate is quarried in India and hand finished for a unique textured look.

Rainforest Brown Marble is a 100% natural stone this remarkable stone features "genuine petrified tree root system"

  • Metal: Rustic Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Corners: Rounded or Squared
  • Stone: Multi-Color Raja Slate, Black Slate, Green Slate, Brown Marble or Green Marble
  • Size: 69"H x 61"W x 6"D
  • Weight: 545 pounds

More Information about the water falls - click here
Installation Instructions: www.22inchfalls.info

Free Ground Shipping

Slate Stone or Mirrored Option

  Regular Price $4399.00 Sale Price $3,210.00    Quantity

Marble Stone Option

  Regular Price $4799.00 Sale Price $3,749.00    Quantity

Feather Weight Stone Option

Feather weight stone is a slate veneer on a wood backing instead of being a solid stone. It makes the falls less expensive and is quite a bit lighter.

Free Ground Shipping

  Regular Price $4399.00 Sale Price $3,599.00    Quantity

Custom Collection - Customize any of the above water walls except feather weight with almost anything from company logos to family names. The images are first sandblasted into the stone then filled with an epoxy resin color of your choice. Call us toll free at 866-372-7902 for a custom quote.

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cannot guarantee the wood and finishes colors.

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